Jeff Broome – Tuesday Guitar Sessions at Jake’s

Written by Ryan

I’ve been working on the website a lot over the past few months. The one day a week where I get to dedicate time after work is Tuesday. It just so happens that Tuesday is when Jeff Plays at Jake’s Brew Bar in Downtown Littleton, CO. After a couple of weeks hearing him play I decided I’d make an introduction. I asked him if he’d be cool if I recorded some music for an upcoming vlog post, to which he obliged. So who is Jeff? In his words…

“I’m Jeff Broome. I’m a 5th generation native Coloradan and I grew up here in Littleton. I taught myself how to play guitar in college and that was a lot of years ago cause I’m 64 now. I was really influenced by a guy that ended up being my musical Mentor. This guy named John Fahey. I try to sound like Fahey with maybe a little more passion. My songs aren’t complicated because my playing’s not complicated, because I have severe arthritis. And in fact, in the great state of Colorado I can get medicine which helps me to play with this arthritis which I wouldn’t be able to play otherwise. I can’t play anymore, because the stiffness of my fingers, in standard tuning. There’s a lot of good songs in there. I haven’t played those in over two years, but in those times I’ve been composing stuff in these open tunings.”

About his Guitars…
“My guitar is a 1955 Martin D-28. My sound would not be what it is if I did not play Martins, especially that vintage one. My newer one (a Vintage HD-28, 2000, made like they were in the 1930s with minimal bracing) is just now beginning to respond to my style. When I played last Tuesday it sounded like my 1955 Martin, the first time I heard it that way. It takes years of playing to get a guitar to respond to my style, but now both of my Martins are doing that”.


About Jeff & John Fahey – “I was influenced by the music of john Fahey and my style emulates Fahey. Fahey died Deb. 22, 2000, if I recall. I heard him by accident in college and he completely changed my listening to music. I turned off the radio for more than 15 years after I encountered Fahey’s music.” You can read an article Jeff wrote for Fretboard Journal Magazine on the subject of his discovery of this wonderful music.  Jeff has recorded an album of his and other’s songs which you can get if you visit Jake’s on Tuesdays. Jeff is usually there between 3 and 5pm.  Hear a song and have a beer.  The selection is awesome, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s happy hour 🙂

Aside from music, Jeff is an accomplished historian and writer. He’s written two books on Native American/Western Settlers which have won critical acclaim. See the links below.

Dog Soldier Justice: The Ordeal of Susanna Alderdice in the Kansas Indian War

Cheyenne War: Indian Raids On The Roads To Denver 1864-1869

Jeff Currently teaches at Arapaho Community College in Littleton, CO.  If you’d like to contact Jeff in regards to any of his work his email is…

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